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Hello Egg Helps Anyone Cook Like a MasterChef

I don’t know about you, but I feel that our lives are invaded. Our smartphones keep track of our every move, they know how we feel, what we like, what we dislike, and then share the data not only with the O.S. makers, but also with the various apps manufacturers.

Our television sets are always eager to listen to our voice commands, and may even share what they hear (besides voice commands!) with their makers and partners, with the goal of improving their services. Or, I’d rather say, they are interested in building a better user profile, which can then be sold for a lot of cash to advertisers. Actually, I am quite sure that both scenarios apply.

If you feel that everyone is trying (and often times succeeding) to track you, you’ll understand why I don’t like these voice-powered gadgets that much. But one of them – Hello Egg – sounds really promising!

It’s a tiny cooking assistant which was built by RnD64 and will soon hit the market. As you prepare a meal, Hello Egg will assist you by showing you relevant cooking videos on its funny shaped 5.5″ display, along with user-friendly, voice-powered cooking instructions.

I know that you can see good cooking videos on YouTube, but the Egg looks cooler, is able to provide 100% relevant results (that’s what is was built for!) and it has learned several impressive tricks.

It can play your favorite music while you are cooking, for example. It can also plan meals according to your dietary preferences. It includes a shopping list and can even help you order the needed groceries.

Hello Egg has a lot of potential. And if its makers will keep expanding its features through clever software updates, they may have a winner in their hands!


New App Can Color Your Drawings Automatically

So, you know how to draw a rabbit’s head, do you? But what about coloring it? Many people love to draw, but lack the needed time and (most of all) the needed abilities when it comes to coloring their great looking work.

If you fall into this category, you will be happy to hear that some people really love you. That’s why they have created PaintsChainer, I guess.

Chainer is a powerful neural network frame which can help accelerate the process of building deep learning applications. It supports the simple, easy to learn Python programming language, so it can be used by a broad array of aspiring or advanced programmers.

PaintsChainer is an application that can color your hand-drawn art. Simply upload your file, and then let the program color your drawing. The process can run automatically, or you can tweak a few parameters until you get the desired results. As always, the more work you put into tweaking the options, the better the results.

I really wanted to test this innovative application before writing this article, so I have tried several images. Sometimes the results are unusable, especially when you try to color out-of-ordinary drawings. But I have to admit that the app gets the job done properly most of the time – even without any user guidance! Here’s one of the example pictures I’ve used with it.

It’s quite surprising to see what PaintsChainer can do on its own within seconds, and you can really get amazing results by tweaking its settings. Get inspired by examining the numerous examples that are posted on the creators’ site, or search Twitter for more examples, looking for the #PaintsChainer hashtag.

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